PRISMA’s Values and Believes


Enrich lives through the connective power of classical music.


Music can build bridges because of its universal language.

Fostering potential is important for  keeping musical traditions alive.

Live music is transformative, and creates an ephemeral moment characterized by wonder/


Inclusivity: The organization values diversity and strives to provide an inclusive environment for all participants and audiences regardless of their background, culture, ethnicity, gender, or orientation.

Sustainability: PRISMA is committed to operating in a way that supports the long-term health and vitality of its staff, artists, stakeholders, and the festival itself, in a  financially sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious.

Community engagement: PRISMA seeks to build strong connections with its local and global communities through outreach, education, and participation.

Excellence: The organization strives for excellence in all its activities and aims to provide high-quality experiences for its participants and audiences.

Collaboration: PRISMA seeks to build partnerships and networks with artists, arts organizations, and other stakeholders to create mutually beneficial relationships.


To advance music education by establishing and operating an academy.

To educate and advance the knowledge and abilities of students by providing rehearsals, lessons, courses, seminars, recitals, workshops and performance opportunities.

To operate an arts festival focused on live classical music in all its forms, including, but not limited to, symphony and chamber music, solo performance, opera, and piano performance.

To increase the public’s appreciation and knowledge of classical music.