PRISMA’s Values and Believes


PRISMA enriches lives through the language of classical music.


• Music can build bridges because of its universal language
• Fostering potential is important for  keeping musical traditions alive
• Live music is transformative, and creates an ephemeral moment characterized by wonder


• run in the black” and not spend money that it doesn’t have
• encourage students to foster their musical skills and talent to the maximum of their potential
• be a vehicle for building community practice governance reflective of the diversity of the region
• be accessible and welcoming to the most talented students regardless of ethnicity, age, financial means, gender and sexual orientation
• make classical music accessible to local audiences, including youth
• be an economic catalyst through Music Tourism, and contribute to Powell River’s cultural richness and sustainability
• be a positive, supportive environment that builds up students, volunteers, and the organizing team
• commit to creating a musical legacy for future generations
• pursue excellence in artistic performance and operations, and
• grow by focussing on its unique qualities


• To advance music education by establishing and operating an academy
• To educate and advance the knowledge and abilities of students by providing rehearsals, lessons, courses, seminars, recitals, workshops and performance opportunities
• To operate an arts festival focused on live classical music in all its forms, including, but not limited to, symphony and chamber music, solo performance, opera, and piano performance
• To increase the public’s appreciation and knowledge of classical music