Sharon Thomas

2019 Inductee

As PRISMA’s former Membership Coordinator, Sharon Thomas oversaw the significant growth of our donor and volunteer base. Thomas herself has been a member since PRISMA’s inception in 2012, exemplifying the kind of commitment and dedication she sought from others. She logged an estimated 400 volunteer hours during 2018; making phone calls, writing letters, inviting people for coffee, and networking face-to-face during each of PRISMA’s events. These personal touches garnered tangible results, and the organization’s membership grew and flourished as people responded to her in such a positive way.

“A total of 364 members were signed up [in 2018] through the coordination efforts of Sharon Thomas,” said Robinson. “That’s a valid, wonderful core of support for the organization because each of those people becomes a kind of diplomatic representative for PRISMA; from Saltery Bay all the way to Lund, over in Courtenay/Comox, and even down in Vancouver.”