John Silver

2020 Inductee

Although many know him as the ‘voice of PRISMA’ from his role as our on-stage emcee, there is significantly more to John Silver’s contributions to our organization. Silver was part of the visionary team that founded PRISMA in the fall of 2012, and recently concluded a seven-year tenure on the board.

“John has tirelessly invested in the festival and academy in many different fields,” says PRISMA artistic director, Arthur Arnold. “A former UBC professor and a knowledgeable music aficionado, he handled our publicity portfolio for many years. In the early mornings one could find John out in the streets checking on the festival lawn signs, straightening them out, and occasionally mowing the grass around them to keep them visible. And then, in the evenings, one could find him on stage serving as our concert emcee.”

Over the past seven years, Silver’s calm British baritone has become synonymous with the PRISMA experience. He also writes the repertoire notes each year for the souvenir program.

“John’s detailed research and public speaking abilities are now a part of the PRISMA brand,” says PRISMA president Mike Robinson. “He will continue to act as PRISMA’s concert host, providing superb introductory comments about composers and their masterworks.”