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Sponsor a student

You might never know it from the audience, but some of the most gifted musicians at PRISMA have faced the greatest financial obstacles. Our Musical Merit Fund (MMF) is the key to making our academy accessible to deserving students who meet or exceed the competitive enrolment requirements but cannot otherwise afford the cost of tuition, meals and lodging.

The MMF is an essential part of PRISMA’s growth strategy and requires a five-year commitment at your support level of choice. As a PRISMA member, you are part of a growing family that supports international music excellence and shapes the careers of young orchestral musicians.

In addition, if your combined annual contribution exceeds the threshold of your membership category, you will automatically be upgraded to the next level. For example, if you are currently a Patron level member, and contribute an additional $500/ a year to the Musical Merit Fund on a five-year commitment, you will become a Benefactor level member with the specified additional PRISMA benefits.

Whatever your decision, PRISMA’s students, guest artists, board and staff, and volunteers appreciate your support!

If you have any questions, please contact PRISMA’s Membership Manager here.

Interested in making a long-lasting contribution to support the continuation of PRISMA for future generations? Visit our Endowment page to learn more about legacy giving.