Brendan & Heather Allen

2021 Inductees

Keeping with a three-year tradition of awarding fellowships to its key builders and supporters, Pacific Region International Summer Music Association (PRISMA) was pleased to announce Brendan and Heather Allen as its Class of 2021 inductees.

The presentation took place at PRISMA’s Annual General Meeting, held virtually on January 28. A pre-recorded video segment that was played for attendees showed PRISMA Artistic Director Arthur Arnold stopping by the Allen’s home in Powell River to deliver a commemorative photo print and certificate.

“In the line of legendary PRISMA fellows who have supported us in an incredible way, I am thrilled to present this award to a couple who is very dear to my heart,” said Arnold. “Every year you can find Brendan helping to set up our PRISMA facilities with the volunteer crew, and for years Heather has written all the thank-you cards that PRISMA sends to its donors after a contribution has been received. Both have helped students attend PRISMA financially through their ongoing donations to our Musical Merit Scholarship Fund, and they have also volunteered as homestay hosts for pianist Edwin Kim during the PRISMA Festival.”

It’s an exemplary track record of service that hasn’t gone unnoticed by PRISMA President Mike Robinson either.

“The Allens are all round supporters of PRISMA, and their artistic citizenship typifies the best of Powell River,” he said. “They are ideal recipients of the PRISMA Fellowship.”

But as grateful as PRISMA is for the Allens’ generosity, the couple insists it is them who is getting the better end of the bargain.

“Having PRISMA enriches all our lives,” said Heather. “We’re very grateful – especially to you, Arthur.”

“You’ve created an amazing phenomenon,” added Brendan.

The Allens join Class of 2019 inductees Sharon Thomas, Brian Balfe and Paul Schachter and Class of 2020 inductee John Silver in receiving the honour of PRISMA Fellowship. To learn more, visit

The next PRISMA Fellow(s) will be awarded in January 2022.