Arlan Smallwood

Operations Manager

Arlan’s love of arts & culture came during an impromptu trip to Paris, France and has been a guiding light ever since. He completed his Business Administration degree in British Columbia before heading back to France to obtain a Master of Business Administration in Arts & Culture Management.
His continuing mission is to help arts and culture organizations use their current resources efficiently, and to grow strategically. His strengths are in business strategy, systems analysis and design, and website building. Arlan currently runs his consulting company, Kermode Art & Culture, that is expanding its mission from helping organizations exclusively into offering a multi-day course on running a business as an artist, providing professional photographs of artwork, and supplying a hosted WordPress website. It’s hard enough for many artists to own their craft publicly, so having an easy way to get started building a unique digital presence and have ongoing community of support has now become a necessity.
Outside of the consulting arena, Arlan balances his time with his young daughter and partner, while also maintaining his creative outlets. He is a photographer and holds a special interest in new media art and digital preservation.

Get to know Arlan better… here’s a short Q&A!

What is it about PRISMA that inspires you?
The unwavering community support. Powell River is a unique community that rallies behind causes it believes in. PRISMA is one of those causes. I’m looking forward to getting to know our donors and members over the coming years and hearing all of the wonderful stories they have about the history of PRISMA.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
A perfect day for me is one I can go to bed proud of. I’ve simplified my approach to life over the years to find happiness through gratitude, and purpose through service. I’m grateful to be a part of PRISMA and feel the work and experiences we provide for musicians and our community will lead to many days I’m proud of.

If you could meet anyone, from any point in time, who would it be and why?
Anyone, from any time. The most interesting people and inspiring stories can be found from anyone you cross paths with. Don’t let those chances to share some time with someone pass you by.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?
Lot’s of people have a favourite food that they try anywhere it’s served. I know people that do this with tacos, tiramisu, or pizza. But for me, it’s Carbonara. The best one I’ve had so far was in Florence. I could eat that same dish forever.

What’s a trip that changed your life, and why?
An impromptu trip to Paris with a friend in university completely changed my life. In the span of a 7 day trip, my goals went from ascending in the financial sector to putting those same skills to work for arts & culture organizations. I hope to spend much more time there and in Europe in the future.