PRISMA volunteers make a difference by donating the gift of time. They contribute to the community by supporting students and guest artists, and by helping to put on the symphony festival.
They are involved with students, guest artists, audiences and sponsors, and help spread the joy of being part of a symphony. PRISMA volunteers also play an important role in community outreach and school education programs.  There is an additional benefit: PRISMA volunteers get to meet new friends and spend time with old friends who share their appreciation of fine music.  In appreciation for their time, volunteers will earn complimentary access to concerts.
PRISMA needs volunteers who are willing to work throughout the year.  Whether you can assist for just a couple of hours a week or you can put it more time, PRISMA welcomes your help.
PRISMA needs extra volunteers just before and during the Academy and Festival.  Assistance is needed with facilities, transportation, box office, festival logistics and other activities.
Interested in helping? Please drop us an email or contact:
Laura Wilson:  volunteer@prismafestival.com


Please click here to download our volunteer application form.
Click here to download our volunteer code of conduct.