Musical Merit Scholarship Fund - Currently $68,250

Message from the Music Director:

From its beginning, PRISMA set its sights on becoming one of the world's premier symphony festivals and academies by attracting music students of the highest merit. Although we have advanced quickly towards that goal, many of the best emerging musicians can't attend because they do not have the economic resources.  For PRISMA to truly secure its place among the elite international music festivals we have to make PRISMA available for the most talented students, regardless of financial means.

"I am really passionate about this. Why?  When I was a student, numerous organizations and individuals supported my learning and gave me the opportunity for extra curricular study in Italy, Great Britain and Russia. Without doubt, this helped catapult me into an international career, which now brings me to wonderful places, including Powell River."

Donating to the Musical Merit Scholarship Fund requires a 5-year commitment.  If you wish to help me build the Musical Merit Scholarship Fund, I'd be happy to hear from you directly. You can reach me at

Arthur Arnold