Our Organization

Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy (PRISMA) is a non-profit, charitable society run by its members. The organization employs a staff of 12, who produce the yearly PRISMA Festival alongside a dedicated team of volunteers, sponsors and donors. PRISMA’s members ensure that the academy and orchestra are able to maintain the high artistic standards expected by the audience, guest artists and participants, and our Musical Merit Scholarship Fund makes PRISMA accessible to talented students, regardless of their financial means.

Our Vision

By 2020 PRISMA will be the classical music festival of choice for professional musicians, high quality students, and diverse audiences. It will feature a collaborative environment, which nurtures both professional development and community engagement.

Annual Report

Click here to view our 2018 Annual Report.

Financial Statements

Click here to view our 2017 Financial Statements.

Our Values

PRISMA will: 

  • “run in the black” and not spend money that it doesn’t have

  • encourage students to foster their musical skills and talent to the maximum of their potential

  • be a vehicle for building communitypractice governance reflective of the diversity of the region, and the need for dynamic renewal of membership

  • be accessible and welcoming to the most talented students regardless of ethnicity, age, financial means, gender and sexual orientation

  • make classical music accessible to local audiences, including students

  • be an economic catalyst through Music Tourism, and contribute to Powell River’s cultural richness and sustainability

  • be a positive, supportive environment that builds up students, volunteers, and the organizing team

  • commit to creating a musical legacy for future generations

  • pursue excellence in artistic performance and operations, and

  • grow by focussing on its unique qualities.


To read the outcome of our roadmapping session, which took place in August 2015, please click here.