Gala Grand Opening Concert

06/17/2016 - 19:30
Evergreen Theatre
June 17: Gala Grand Opening Concert, 7:30 PM Evergreen Theatre
Sponsored by RE/MAX


NEW! An evening full of variety with everything PRISMA has to offer.

Don't miss this exciting evening with lots of variety. Among the pieces is a concerto for typewriter and orchestra! Powell River Soprano Megan Skidmore will join 8 cellists to sing a piece of Villa Lobos. Mark Morton will play a double bass concerto with orchestra and there are many more exciting works. Guest Artists, students, everyone is involved, and even the full PRISMA Festival Orchestra will play.

Dukas, Villa Lobos, Calvert, Debussy, Mozart, Sarasate, Albinoni, Bottesini, Anderson, Rimsky-Korsakov


Program details


Dukas – La Peri, Fanfare
Fokke van Heel & 3 students, horn
Marcus Goddard & 2 students, trumpet
Gordon Cherry & 2 students, trombone
Paul Beauchesne, tuba
Villa Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no. 6, Aria
Janet Arms, flute
Mathieu Harel, Bassoon 
Calvert –  Suite from the Monteregian Hills (brass quintet)
Marcus Goddard & student, trumpet
Fokke van Heel, horn
Gordon Cherry, trombone
Paul Beauchesne, tuba
Debussy –  Etude No. 1  
Mozart/Volodos – Turkish March
SungPil Kim, Piano
Sarasate – Carmen Fantasy
Shannon Fitzhenry – Violin (first prize winner PRISMA 2015)
SungPil Kim, Piano
Villa Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no. 5, Aria
Amanda Forsyth & 7 students, cello
Megan Skidmore, soprano 

~ Intermission ~

Albinoni – Concerto 2 oboes and strings Op. 9 no. 9
Roger Cole & Student, oboe
Strings in orchestra
Bottesini -  Elegie & Tarantella
Soloist: Mark Morton, Bass
Full Orchestra 
Leroy Anderson – Typewriter Concerto
Soloist: William Linwood, typewriter
Full orchestra


Rimsky-Korsakov, Coq D’or
Full orchestra