Conducting Classes


Orchestra conductors can apply to study at PRISMA with Maestro Arthur Arnold, assist with rehearsals and have opportunities to lead the PRISMA Festival Orchestra. Successful applicants will conduct sectional rehearsals (woodwinds and brass) and lead the full orchestra in front of an audience during our public conducting masterclass. Occasionally, you will be invited to conduct during the main orchestra rehearsals, with feedback provided by Maestro Arnold, and you will also get to rehearse and perform a movement from a concerto, chosen by our Concerto Competition finalists during the second week symphony concerts. To apply, simply follow the standard application procedure and select "conducting" under “Program".


“Working with Arthur is one of the top conducting experiences I've had. His comments go far beyond what you typically hear in school, and his teaching is uniquely insightful!”

Jordan Cohen, 2017 Conducting Student

"PRISMA was a great experience! I got to shadow Arthur Arnold in all his rehearsals with both the festival orchestra and with the faculty. We got to discuss his philosophy towards music-making in addition to discussions about gestural efficacy in the music we were rehearsing. I especially treasured the feedback on tackling the opening of Richard Strauss's "Till Eulenspiegels Merry Pranks". The festival was also extremely generous with performance opportunities.

As with any good festival, the learning did not just stop at the end of the planned lessons, but also from grabbing the many rich opportunities around. I learned a lot from attending the various instrumental classes. As a singer, trombone and piano player, I found the string sessions particularly informative. Herbert Greenberg's insights into audition excerpts and orchestras was easily transferable for a conductor into insights into interpretation and differences in current performance practice around the world. The ever-exuberant Mark Morton literally changed my aural imagination for a bass section sound. 

Finally, with so many concerts around, many of which featured some of the best performances of standard repertoire I have ever heard by the guest artists, there was much to be gleaned from just listening and watching. I still marvel at the privilege and honor it was to be a part of this festival!"

Tian Hui Ng, 2013 Conducting Student