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Apply now for PRISMA 2017! 

(Applications close on February 28 at midnight PST)

Your application must include the following:

·  $75 USD January 16 - February 28, 2017


Click here to download the PRISMA 2017 brochure!

  • How to apply:

    All applicants must follow the application and audition procedures outlined in this section. An incomplete application or lack of payment of the application fee stops the application process. If you have difficulties submitting your application please contact us at
    Students will be notified by email no later than March 20, 2017 with the application results. The application fee is non-refundable.

    Pre-Application Skype Consultation

    Not sure whether your current musical skills match the PRISMA standard before applying?

    Make use of the free Pre-Application Skype Consultation. You will have the opportunity to play something of your choice for the Music Director and receive his advice on your chance of acceptance to PRISMA. You can make use of this offer here. Fill in the requested information.


    For students who require a Canadian visa we advise you to contact your visa office as soon as possible about processing times (a student visa application may take up to 60 days). Find the list of countries that require a visa for Canada here. A visa is not required for US students. 
    1. Register on ACCEPTD and create a profile
    2. Select PRISMA from the drop down menu (top right) under “Program Group”
    3. Choose the instrument/discipline you wish to apply for under “Program”
    4. Complete the online application form
    5. Submit your resume
    6. Submit the link to your audition video (make sure the setting of your video is “public” or “unlisted” but not “private”).
    7. Pay the application fee
    8. When you have completed all these steps, click on send application. Once you press send you cannot go back into the application. Any additional materials can be sent to